Thursday, June 14, 2007

I received Orang Utan t-shirt

Last Saturday morning, I check my mail box. Surprisingly, I saw a mail from Jenny How. Thank Jenny Jie Jie, I receive your lucky draw prize – Orang Utan t-shirt from Malacca. Thanks ya.

Introduction of JennyHow blog :
Jenny How is full time ebay seller. She share a lot of her experience from ebay in her blog. Her blog have a lot of fans and regular visitor like Jerry, KuanHoong, MonkeyWong, Nesh, BeeLee and…. Too many I can’t remember all. Jenny Jie Jie, you are role model of me. Because my dream is self employed and work at home and not need to face boss black face everyday.

I create a icon for you. Hope you like it. I use almost a week to do the stupid gif animation. That why I update so slow. Thanks again.

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Bird flu virus AGAIN

News from The Star Newspaper on 7 june
The dreaded bird flu virus has been found in Kampung Paya Jaras Hilir near Sungai Buloh in Selangor.

Eight teams from the department have been dispatched to carry out the task of destroying the livestock. An estimated 2,000 birds and eggs, including chicken and ducks, would be destroyed.
He added that the Health Ministry had been informed and it would take all the necessary steps to monitor the health conditions of the residents in the area……bla,bla,bla…

Let us listen from Chicky

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – At World End

Last week after reading my blogpal – Colleen post, I went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean alone in Cineplex. I enjoy watching movie alone because no one will disturb me or asking me about the story line. The most important is I can get ticket last minute easily compare with a group of people.

Before I watch At World End, I almost forget what happen for Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 2. If you ask me to give comment of this movie, erm… funny mokey, 2 lovely couples, funny captain Jack Sparrel, a wizard, octopus man, Singapore pirate, and war between pirates and government. There is a lot of pirates name and location in this movie. It makes me blur.

Honestly, this movie didn’t give me a big surprise. Besides the computer effect and motion graphic, I feel that story a bit bored. Anyway, nowadays most people buy ticket to watch movie in cinema is because of watching the computer effect in big screen. Conclusion, it still worth to watch in cinema. Don’t buy pirated DVD, the experience will be different.

Anybody watched this movie? Any comment? I will give 3 stars out of 5. If you don’t like the movie, waiting for this:-

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I guarantee you will enjoy from begin to end. The most important is – This is free for all blog visitor :)

Friday, June 1, 2007

Pray for better tomorrow

Who say monkey (Chinese zodiac) got luck in 2007. A lot of my friends from monkey zodiac keep complaint they had bad luck in this year. Me also got no luck at all.

I change job on March 2007. At first, I thought is another beginning for me. Buts, this company even worst than previous. Suck management and terrible boss. The most important this is a family business company. I hate family business. Husband and wife, father and mother, already can play mahjong or happy family card game. Buts, I learn a lot of knowledge from this company.

I went to a lot of interview this few weeks. Hope can change my job asap. God, please tell me what should I do for next. Please show my some light of hope. Pray for better tomorrow. Oh Ni Tuo Fo….

Pray for better tomorrow

Thanks for everybody support. This is the first DeDe MSN Avatar – Pray for better tomorrow. Hope you like it. :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Don't Want To Sleep Alone

Have you watched the movie named “I Don’t Want To Sleep Alone”?

This is a movie from famous Director Tsai Ming Liang shoot in Kuala Lumpur. Is story about 1 Chinese, 1 Bangladeshi and 2 ladies. Because recommend by my friend, I went to watch this movie in Cineleisure on 28 May (need to show supporting to Malaysia’s director).

I was late when I reach cinema. Luckily I am not the only one in the cinema because the show time is in weekday afternoon and normally people will choose hottest movie like Spiderman 3 or Pirates of the Caribbean.

After 30 minutes, I still don’t understand what the show telling. The show is very quiet. Less people talk in the movie. After another 15 minutes I heard snoring from my front. After 1 hour, snoring come from different direction. After 1 hour and 40 minute, the movie end. Finally I know why the movie named “I Don’t Want To Sleep Alone”, because nobody will sleep alone in the cinema.

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I share with my friend who recommends me. I told her, I think I understand story of the movie. But not sure whether is that same with what exactly director trying to show. She said, doesn’t matter what is the mean of the director trying to tell. The most important is what you get after watching this movie. I love her answer. Buts sorry Director Tsai, maybe my artistic cell is not much. Don’t know how to appreciate your movie.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Psycho Boss - 3

Boss C:-
Company Toilet = Public Toilet????

This really happened in my friend's company.
One day she came out from toilet after doing “big business”. Suddenly someone was yelling from her back.
“Why everyone go toilet every morning? Bear in mind that office toilet is not a public toilet. Start from tomorrow, No one is allowed to use the office toilet before 10.30am”
This is the first time I heard boss set his company rule as not allow employee go toilet.

Is this one of the criteria to being a boss? must be psycho?
Then… I am lucky that I am not a boss…

Friday, May 18, 2007

Psycho Boss - 2

Boss B:-
When boss pass project after working hour:

Working hours is from 9am to 6pm
Boss like to pass project after working hour.
Always request to work for over time and never pay extra fee for over time
If you leave office on 7.30pm, boss face will turn into black color
If you leave office on 7pm, boss will ask “You finished your work?”
If you leave office on 6.30pm, you will be asked into your boss room to “drink coffee”
If you leave office on 6pm, er… unless you don’t want to come in tomorrow or you say good bye with your salary.

to be continue....

Still have another one in progress...

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